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Majors & Description
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  Program and Major

Program Major
Graduate Course U.S. Law
Trade Law
Intellectual Property Law
Tax Law
Internet Law (Internet, Telecommunications)
Chinese Law
  The Master Degree Program

Program Completion Period
Major Subject Program 4 Semesters (2 years)
Thesis Preparation Program 1 Semester (6 months)
Substitute Subjects for Thesis (U.S. Law Major)
Total 5 Semesters (2 years and 6 months)

* Each semester students will earn 6 credits of courses. A total of 24 credits must be earned, of
which 4 credits are required general study course and 4 credits are required majors, 16 credits are

* In case of U.S. Law Major, students are required to earn 2 substitute subjects for thesis in addition to 24 credits of major.

* Other students may, at their option, take additional 4 credits instead of thesis to gain the Master of Laws degree.

  Class Hours

  Days & Subjects of Lecture for Graduate Course

1st Class (19:00~20:20) 2nd Class (20:30~21:50)
General Subjects Major, Advanced, Primary Subjects
1st Class (19:00~20:20) 2nd Class (20:30~21:50)
Major Subjects Major Subjects
  Course of Study

  General Subjects

Semester Subject Hour Degree Granted
1,2 Legal English 2 Pass/Fail
3,4 ThesisLegal Writing(U.S. Law Major) 2 Non-Credit
Credit(U.S. Law Major)
  Required General Subjects

Subject Hour Credit Degree Granted
Introduction to International Legal Affairs (theory/practice) 2 2 Required General Study Course
Introduction to International Trade Law (theory/practice) 2 2 Required General Study Course
* In the case of U.S. Law Major, students shall take major subjects instead of
required general subjects.
  Advanced Subjects for Students who do not hold LLBs (primary legal subjects)
* General Principles of Public Law
* General Principles of Private Law
  Advanced Subjects for Students who hold LLBs (commerce and economics subjects)

- Trade Practices
- International Economics
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