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Class Application

You must apply for your classes yourself within the deadline logging on the school's computer system(http://khuis.khu.ac.kr). You may be handed your timetable in print after the deadline from your department. If you would like to modify your timetable, you must call on the administration office in person within the specified period announced by the school.

Dates and Locations for Class Application

1. Dates
    For registered students, during the 4th week of January or July. For new students, during the 2nd week of February or August.

2. Locations
    Anywhere you can access to the school's computer system via Internet
3. Credits
    3 credits per class/subject (However, you may be granted 2 credits for thesis guidance class and it may
    not be included in your graduation credit.)
4. Modification
    During the 4th week of February or August (You must complete your class application during this period.

After this period, you may not be able to modify your timetable.)
5. Class Application for Returning Students

During the 4th week of February or August

Apply for Thesis Presentation

1. If you would like to submit your thesis, you must apply for thesis presentation and take a course 'thesis research'.
2. After having taken the credits in thesis research, you may submit your thesis presentation application
    form to the school. Then, your schedule, subject to the school's academic plan, will be announced on the
    University Life or KHU Graduate School Newspaper.
3. After your presentation, you will be granted either 'pass' or 'fail' from your professor. Submission for your

    thesis plan: You must submit your thesis plan to the school during the previous term for your thesis
    presentation. (Please refer to the course plan for details.)

Apply for Foreign Language Courses

1. Dates
    During the 4th week of February or August
2. Location
    IIE (Seoul Campus); Administration Office (Suwon Campus)
3. Opening Day
    The 1st week of March or September (subject to change)

Information on Class Application, Personal Information Modification (including your address etc), Transcript Check etc

Please go to the school's computer system.http://khuis.khu.ac.kr

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